9 May 2021

Beyond Limits Learning - A framework for fostering complex, integrated learning | with Chanah Wainer

Monday 21 June at 5:30pm on ZOOM (late notice because of Sydney Covid outbreak)

Join us on zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89784552110

Beyond Limits Learning offers a new framework for learning and education design, based a unique, philosophical and ontological understanding of the nature of "learning" itself.

A little less about the facilitator, and a little bit more about the experience and outcomes of the learning process, this session will offer participants the opportunity to experience learning through the cycle of Awareness, Attention, Application and Action, and to strengthen their grasp of the "deep things" they "always knew", in this first ever test run of the BLL framework.

Chanah Wainer is a passionate educator who began her career as a high-school teacher. Quickly realising her keen interest in Learning Sciences, she began orientating her career towards teacher-education. Chanah now works casually in a liaison role at UNSW while establishing her own consultancy, and recently submitted her Doctoral application to study complex, integrated learning for initial teacher education. As a yogi of almost 20 years, Chanah has maintained a potent determination to leave this world better than she found it. Developing the Beyond Limits Learning framework, which offers learners the potential to beyond the conceptual separations of "knowing" and "doing", of "thinking" and "feeling", is just one of the many ways in which Chanah uses her creative energy, and intention, to serve society and, indeed, humanity. 

 See you on Zoom on Monday night!!