3 August 2009

Monday August 10 | Living a Sustainable Life

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Living a Sustainable Life
with Matt Moore & Sharon McGann

You are warmly invited to the next meeting of the Facilitators Network on Monday 10th August, 2009

"Sustainability" is widely-used term today in politics, business and the media today. It often crops up often at Facilitators Network meetings. However, while it is widely-used, its meaning is often ambiguous. What is sustainable behaviour? What does it mean to lead a sustainable life? This session will explore participants' definitions of sustainability and our possibilities for action. Those who feel they have plenty of experience in this area and those who feel like newbies are equally welcome and will have equally important parts to play.

Facilitators: Matt Moore & Sharon McGann. Matt Moore wants to do the right thing but often fails. His day job is a director of Innotecture and an occasional lecturer at UTS. Sharon McGann is a Director and Consultant for A Passion for Results who has been studying Sustainable Leadership practices formally and informally for a number of years and attempting to practice what she researches.