26 February 2010

Monday March 8, 2010 "Having a Big Conversation about Values" with Paul Worth and Sharon McGann

There has been an explosion of conversations about what the global economic crisis means for all of us, what the future holds and what needs to change. The government is asking us to tell them what is important to us.

Our colleagues from the Emerging Leaders for Social Change network believe we need to make these important conversations bigger and louder. We need to talk about our values, because this is where our decisions and our actions come from.

The Big Conversation is a conversation about values. So how do we, as facilitators, work with values?

Our guest facilitators Paul Worth & Sharon McGann from A Passion for Results, have worked with values for nearly a decade. They will facilitate a conversation about tools they are familiar with - for example, values elicitation (NLP), the Barrett Survey (which is the basis of the Big Conversation National Survey), the AVI - Values Inventory and espoused vs values in action theories (Schein / Argyris). Please feel free to bring examples of other tools you use to expand the conversation.

We also encourage you to complete the first ever National Values Survey for Australia - it will take about 10 minutes.

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