28 July 2016

Experiencing 'Circling' with Tim Mansfield, Mary Jamieson & Khali Young | Monday August 8, 2016

'Circling’ is a facilitated group process based on in-the-moment authentic relating. It is the art of getting someone else’s world in a way that has them feel seen, known and appreciated.
A Circle starts by a group of people or a single facilitator putting their curious and open attention on the person being ‘circled’. Rather than helping, fixing or solving any particular problem, the intention is simply to connect with them and enquire into their moment-by-moment experience. The facilitator and other group members may also vulnerably express their experience as it arises.
By relating in the present moment – beyond stories, expectations and pre-determined ideas about who they are – Circling has the capacity to reveal the true essence of the person being Circled. They may also discover that who they ARE is more magnificent than any limited idea about how they think they ‘should’ be. Because of this, Circling is often deeply nourishing.
Participants often experience a deep sense of connection with each other. Practising these skills over time can also build our capacity to bring truth, authenticity and connection to all relationships.

To find out more about Circling see http://integralcenter.org/what-is-circling/

About Khali Young
Khali works as a leadership coach and corporate transformation agent. He has a lifelong interest in deep spirituality and a passion for authentic connection and personal transformation. He's a graduate of the Generating Transformative Change program and has trained in several methods of embodied, relational coaching and change facilitation. He is one of the founders of Authentic Sydney.

About Mary Jamieson
Mary works as a professional group facilitator and coach in corporations, government and not-for-profit organisations. She’s qualified as a counsellor and negotiator and trained in Integral Coaching, human development models (Spiral Dynamics and Suzanne Cook-Greuter’s work), Non-Violent Communication (NVC), NLP, the MBTI measure and adult education among other things. Mary’s a long-term meditator and dance practitioner.

About Tim Mansfield
Tim Mansfield helps organisations large and small engage more fully with the process of creation. He is currently the CEO of a specialist web software company called Interaction Consortium.

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