17 March 2021

Your self awareness as a facilitator - with Andrea Jones ZOOM SESSION on April 12 at 5.30pm

This session will look at ways to enhance the wisdom within you, by understanding more deeply your responses and reactions whilst facilitating groups. Having an awareness of your triggers and unconscious responses is a first step in your emotional resilience and self care as a group facilitator. This session will introduce you to the Groupwork Centre’s model of self-awareness ‘The Community of Selves’, creating a space for you to explore and play. We will explore and share methods and tools for building empathy for the ‘other’, exploring trade-offs and building consensus in meetings and workshops in-person and online. Venue: Zoom: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/85095315092 Time: Zoom room opens at 5.15 pm. Session begins at 5:30 pm SHARP
About Andrea Andrea Jones is passionate about effective communication and the creation of a collaborative space for the wisdom of individuals and groups to be shared. As a facilitator at Groupwork Centre, Andrea focuses on assisting groups and individuals to effectively work together, to have courageous conversations, to deal with conflict and to work through processes to help create authentic, resilient and successful organisations. The Groupwork Centre is a values-based organisation that harnesses the wisdom and experience of individuals and work teams. Our work is founded on principles of self-awareness and compassion, designed to give individuals and groups the skills and processes to achieve their goals. We use simple processes that are unique, highly accessible and thoroughly road-tested. We’ve been tailoring them to help our clients since 1984.