4 March 2019

Facilitating a 'Soulful Organisation' - Good for People & Organisations! | Monday March 11, 2019 | 5:30PM

There is a Zeitgeist; organisations around the world are embracing ideas like self management [no boss], wholeness and evolutionary purpose. Where is Australia in that journey?

In this session, Stephen Hanman and Ian George will play, demonstrate and articulate how to facilitate “From Me to We” in organisational life; a sustainable alternative to the traditional, top-down hierarchical organisation. It is a mindset change to a Values Based Organisation that Aligns System and People.

You will experience some of what transformed the design and construction team. This includes the ‘Fruit’ presentation that the client used to explain the change in the organisational system, and the ‘Red Blue collaboration simulation’.

Come and join us for an interactive session. Stephen has been facilitating organisational development for more than 20 years and Ian was the CEO of the integrated property development company that underwent this cultural and organisational transformation.

For more information about Stephen and Ian and to get a free download of the book please go to www.CollaborativeEnquiry.com or www.stephenhanman.com/
About Stephen Hanman & Ian George
Stephen is a national thought leader in the collaborative conversation, first deepened in the Supply Chain Industry and then in Construction. His experience provides a proven new way to deliver projects where ‘Everyone Wins’.
Stephen has supported the Dulux Group Supply Chain for over 20 years assisting Dulux to become a world class Supply Chain performer in the 90s which they have, like very few, maintained to this day.
Recently Stephen led a project with Dulux Group and Linfox to create ten-year contract for a collaboratively designed and managed co-sourced relationship, a first in this space in Australia, which was announced to the Australian Stock Exchange in March 2015. Stephen took the role of strategic collaboration facilitator between the two organisations.
Stephens experience in the Construction Industry, documented in his book “From ME to WE; Design and Build Collaborative Workplaces”, outlines his strategic collaborative capability in design and construction which supports the team to create end to end business processes that add value to stakeholders.
Recently Stephen has joined the Two Hands team; a technology based supply chain start up who plan to distribute the primary products supply chain with direct delivery to top end restaurants via blockchain technology.
Stephen also has experience at senior levels in managing organisations and is currently Chair of the Dyson Group of Companies, the largest family owned bus company in Victoria with revenues exceeding $150m. The organisation has grown dramatically over the past 6 years with Stephen in this role, culturally and strategically, with strong family values at its core.
Ian was a founding director of Melbourne integrated property company CGA Bryson where he was responsible for finance and construction. The CGA Bryson Group specialised in funds management and commercial development which at its peak had 5 divisions, 50+ staff and $250 million in projects in a spread of private equity, Joint Ventures and Funds Management.
In his construction business, Ian forged a new collaborative approach to working with staff, contractors and consultants which was later identified as also occurring in Europe and America by Frederic Laloux in his bestselling book ‘Reinventing Organisations’, suggesting a ‘global zeitgeist’, a new mood to ‘human’ approaches in business.
Until recently, Ian was a director of Bryson Funds Management Ltd which was relaunched as SupraCapital Ltd, a real estate debt and equity manager, providing Ian an opportunity to focus on his core interest as a director of Collaborative Enquiry Pty Ltd.
A patron of the arts, Ian George has a particular interest in contemporary Australian and International art and has supported numerous artists and art exhibitions.
He was responsible for bringing the exhibition 'Joseph Beuys & Rudolf Steiner Imagination, Inspiration, intuition' to the National Gallery of Victoria in 2007. Ian is interested in practical approaches to Beuys’ Social Sculpture and how these can create impulses in society to transform it, in freedom, in an open and humane way.
Since 2009 Ian has been working with RMIT University on a project titled “Every Human Being is an Artist: The Art of Changing One's Mindset”; an exploration into Social Sculpture.

Venue: University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Building 10 (cnr Jones & Thomas St), Level 5, Room 5.580
Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium footbridge, walk straight ahead to room 580 on your right.

Time: From 5:30pm to 7:30pm | No RSVP - Just turn up | Donation $5

Contact: www.facilitatorsnetwork.blogspot.com
Eoin Higgins  eoin.p.higgins@gmail.com : 0407 411 684
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