4 February 2019

Facilitating Creativiy with Phil Cross & Kerry Boys | Monday February 11, 2019 | 5:30PM

Creativity is a vital skill for every individual. In fact it may be the last skill we humans give up to AI and automation. It facilitates problem solving, creates new ideas, improves organisations and changes the world. It’s the difference between leading the way and simply following.
As facilitators, our role is to help groups solve problems of one kind or another. As part of this process, we almost always seek the most diverse and unique set of ideas possible. Why? Because diversity, when skillfully facilitated, is an incubator for creativity
This fully interactive session focuses on providing the processes and techniques to enable facilitation of creative problem solving, pulling from schools of thought such as design thinking and human centric design.
We will take a specific challenge and work through solving it creatively it as a group.
Importantly, we bring effectiveness to the forefront. How can we ensure that when driving creativity we are also considering the needs of all stakeholders.
About Phil Cross & Kerry Boys

Phil is a digital consultant and strategist with over 12 years of experience helping businesses grow, implement change and navigate disruption across Europe and APAC. Combining a background in digital strategy, marketing, facilitation and coaching, and with a passion for human and organisational development, Phil has led consulting and transformation initiatives for some of the worlds most notable brands.
Kerry is a passionate strategic problem-solver, utilising these skills to accelerate the growth of individuals and organisations from start-ups to global clients. Her experience spans business & marketing strategy, people development, organisational design and operational efficiency.  Kerry is happiest when bringing people together to solve problems they previously thought were impossible.
Venue: University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Building 10 (cnr Jones & Thomas St), Level 5, Room 5.580
Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium footbridge, walk straight ahead to room 580 on your right.

Time: From 5:30pm to 7:30pm | No RSVP - Just turn up | Donation $5

Contact: www.facilitatorsnetwork.blogspot.com
Eoin Higgins  eoin.p.higgins@gmail.com : 0407 411 684
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