12 October 2020

InterPlay - Times are urgent. Slow Down with Maryla Rose | Mon 12 October | 5:00PM


Play is a deceptively simple yet powerfully transformative activity. It happens in an atmosphere of high appreciation and low expectation, where time slows down by the virtue of being present in our bodies and present to each other. In this new found spaciousness—stress and our conditioned reactivity is held and we can be open, curious and playful. In essence we can be truly creative and experience ourselves as storytellers, dancers and poets—creators, not just consumers of art. 

In playing together with what is given we open to meet the urgency and uncertainty of our times in a new way.  We pause, breathe, not-know and respond from what is present. We create future, rather than just repeating the past.

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About Maryla Rose

Maryla is a poet InterPlay facilitator and a relationship counsellor. Her passion is contributing through play to the magic that happens when a seemingly disparate group of people feel a sense of community - where creativity flourishes. 

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Venue: Zoom: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/94359163308

Time: Zoom room opens at 4.45pm. Session begins at 5:00pm SHARP

Contact: www.facilitatorsnetwork.blogspot.com
Eoin Higgins  eoin.p.higgins@gmail.com : 0407 411 684