20 January 2021

Brave conversations in the face of climate change: with Tania Leimbach| SFN 8 February | 5:30PM

Ideas to support brave conversations, emotional resilience and action in the face of climate change - with Tania Leimbach Many people find it difficult to discuss climate change. It can feel awkward to raise the subject at work, around the dinner table or at the pub.  Australian society is still avoiding registering the long-term implications. The “climate narrative wars” have created a kind of paralysis in recent years. This session is based on the understanding - eloquently expressed by Dr Rebecca Huntley - that we need thousands of everyday conversations about the climate to enlarge the ranks of the concerned, engage the disengaged and persuade the cautious of the need for action. There has been an explosion of work on climate change communication. If you want to be a more empowered and successful communicator, there are ways to  apply sound communication principles in your life, drawing on the wealth of knowledge emerging in environmental psychology. Each of us can do this in a way that is authentic and in line with our own values.  Live and Face to face at UTS!!! Venue: Face to Face Building 10, Level  5, CB10.05.580. Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm