29 October 2010

"How to Achieve Mind Body Potential | The Feldenkrais Method" with Rada Millwood | Monday Nov 8, 2010

Before babies acquire language around the age of two, they use their senses to explore the world around them. The developing brain assembles all the sensory-motor input to make sense of the world.

As adults, in attempting to achieve our personal transformational goals we employ many strategies - from self analysis instruments to gym memberships - frequently finding our intervention leaves our development gaps unmet and unwanted habits intact.

There is an exceptional personal development technique that engages with our pre-verbal learning system to improve body and mind. It has been taught around the world since the1960’s. The technique is the Feldenkrais Method®; named after its developer Moshe Feldenkrais [1904 – 1984].

The Feldenkrais Method® relies on the human beings’ innate capacity to use sensing, feeling, thinking and moving to develop and to mature our body-mind potential.

Students of this approach develop their capacity to become deeply aware of themselves; to become aware of self in relation to others and in relation to the environment, whatever it contains. Within a short time, astonishing changes can occur in vitality, creativity and response-ability in living and professional practise.

In this session, by participating in an Awareness through Movement® lesson, you will experience some of the Feldenkrais Method’s processes for learning to embody change. Please come prepared to remove your shoes.

About the Facilitator

Rada Millwood’s background is in the fields of adult learning, workplace learning and personal development. Her facilitation experience acquired in large and small organisations has ranged across organisational change and development, leadership training, and executive coaching. She has been in private practise since 1993. Rada is a certified Feldenkrais Method Teacher® (CFP). She is a member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild and has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® since 1997.

5 October 2010

"The Business of Facilitation"  With Greg Jenkins | Monday Oct 11, 2010

What are the 'business' issues for facilitators in 2010 and beyond?

Come and join a conversation on these and other relevant questions:
  • What's my product/service?
  • How do I get work and how much should I charge?
  • What are the ways to organise my business processes for growth & long term success?
  • How do I develop and care for myself and others in a solo business enterprise?
  • How do I maintain a sustainable business?
This session will be useful to solo practitioners, those thinking about going solo and anyone who uses the services of solo facilitators and want to contribute.

For the purposes of this session 'facilitators' includes change agents, consultants, trainers, coaches, mentors, speakers, gamesters and any solo/micro business entrepreneur that works with groups.

About the Facilitator:
Greg Jenkins has a background incorporating 30 years in business, 10 years in facilitation. Greg has been Coordinator of Sydney Facilitators Network for past 6 yrs and is a role model for facilitators balancing both practice and business streams.

Greg runs a facilitation/mentoring practice and innovative boutique learning business that develops and delivers blended courses in Facilitation, Leadership and Business.

Greg has developed a new mentoring program ideal for facilitators and other solo change practitioners. 'VeSPA | Solo Biz Success' starts October 27. Find out more info www.tincanlearning.com | greg@changeagent.com.au | 0418 486 501

Venue: University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Jones Street, Ultimo corner Thomas Street. Room 5.580 Level 5, Building 10, Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium foot bridge, walk straight ahead to room 580.
Time: from 5:30pm to 7:30pm sharp | No RSVP - Just turn up