31 January 2010

Mediator self-care workshop with Ike Lasater March 1, 2010

Mediator self-care workshop with Ike Lasater

US mediator, lawyer and trainer, Ike Lasater will lead a workshop in Sydney on 1 March which will help us mediate our own inner dialogue.

Working with people in conflict stimulates reactions– to the subject matter, the people involved and conflict in general.

Ike teaches the skill of self-empathy (as based on the principles of Non-violent Communication), which enables us to change our response to these inner dialogues and better care for ourselves. This helps sustain us in our work as ADR practitioners.


Monday Feb 8, 2010 - ‘Storytelling – Purposeful, Spontaneous and Playful!’ with Christine Carlton

Storytelling and story listening have long been recognized as having significant effects on the development of our personal, cultural and work identities. We are living stories!

Much has been written about the benefits of storytelling being purposeful and persuasive, yet the power of spontaneous and playful storytelling has often been undervalued.

With a sense of play and spontaneity participants will be invited to stretch their imagination to develop their creativity, spontaneity and flexibility to awaken the storyteller within.

We will explore how these skills can be applied in our lives and the workplace.

Christine Carlton is a member of the Australasian Facilitators Network and has worked for over twenty years as a freelance Consultant, Facilitator and Educator in Story, Drama and Creative Arts in Education, Business and Community Development. She travels Australia and overseas offering opportunities for individuals and organisations to tap into their creativity to gain insight and direction for their lives and their communities.

Christine lectures in Story and Drama in Education at University of Western Sydney; facilitates leadership and team-building processes; offers trainers and teacher in-service, storytelling workshops, reflective retreats and is regularly called upon to provide creative leadership and group facilitation at national and international conferences.


University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Jones Street, Ultimo corner Thomas Street.

Room 5.580 Level 5, Building 10, Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium foot bridge, walk straight ahead to room 580.


from 5:30pm to 7:30pm sharp | No RSVP - Just turn up

27 January 2010

Facilitators Network Dates in 2010

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NVC MEDIATION Update (links to May 11, 2009 session)

Ike Lasiter was guest facilitator on May 11, 2009
This session was one of the biggest gatherings for Facilitators Network attracting around 75 participants.

Here is the latest update:

5-Day Residential Retreat &
1 Year Immersion Training Program
with Ike Lasater & John Kinyon

Do you want to learn how to:
~ Facilitate people in conflict to hear each other and be connected to their
shared humanity?
~ Empathically connect to others’ experience in challenging conflict
~ Translate judgments into need language with greater ease and
~ Return to presence and connection in the midst of the intensity of
~ Make and support clear requests and collaborative solutions?
Would you like to develop your abilities in various conflict contexts?
~ Effectively mediate as a “third side” professionally or in your work?
~ Lend your skills informally to support people in conflict?
~ Peacefully resolve conflicts you are having with others?
~ Transform warring voices in your own head?
~ Apply mediation skills to conflict coaching and groups?

About the program
Central to our program is the conviction that increasing your capacity to be with
conflict and intervene effectively involves learnable skills; and that when applied
holistically a person can remain connected to their own needs and productively
assist in the resolution of conflict both internally and externally, formally or
informally. Also central to the program is that we (Ike and John) use the NVC
mediation skills to facilitate group decision making and learning in a way that
creates safety, connection and enjoyment of the learning process. Our goal by the
end of the 12 month program is that you will experience confidence and
effectiveness with these skills in all aspects of conflict and in all aspects of your life.