31 March 2015

‘Introduction to Positive Neuroplasticity: learning to change the mind for good’ with Eric Winters | Monday April 13, 2015 | 5.30pm

Recent years have seen a surge in scientific interest in how positive emotions are fundamental to happy, productive and loving lives (Seligman M., 2006,2012; Fredrickson, B. 2009; Lyubomirsky, S. 2008). And as a result of rapid advances in brain scanning technology we now know that far from a being fixed structure, the brain continually changes as a result of experience. Such ‘experience-dependent neuroplasticity’ offers the possibility of intentionally cultivating positive inner strengths to build resilience, optimism, confidence and a sense of lasting well-being which is less dependent on external circumstances.
In a world in which increasingly pervasive advertising seeks (and succeeds!) to create a sense of dissatisfaction and the media relentlessly urges us to be anxious and fearful, finding truly effective ways to develop lasting well-being are more needed than ever.
The neuro-psychologist Rick Hanson (author of Buddah’s Brain and Hardwiring Happiness) has assembled the latest research to identify five factors, which can accelerate the brain’s ability to build realistic positivity through routine daily experiences.
In this experiential workshop participants will practice a number of techniques to develop their own positivity and will leave with simple strategies to immediately apply to daily living to change their brains for the good. They'll also learn how to build positivity in the brains of others.
About Eric Winters:
Eric is a Leadership Development facilitator and Hero Trainer with Chocks Away (www.chocksaway.com.au). His skills are supported by two Masters degrees in applied psychological disciplines and his experience in facilitating workshops spans 23 years across Europe, the Middle East and Australia.
His area of specialization is the application of positive psychology and contemporary behavioural science to assist making important changes in professional and personal life. Or as he puts it, he help people to ‘let the genie out’.

For more information contact Eric (eric@chocksaway.com.au).