9 May 2021

Beyond Limits Learning - A framework for fostering complex, integrated learning | with Chanah Wainer

Monday 21 June at 5:30pm on ZOOM (late notice because of Sydney Covid outbreak)

Join us on zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89784552110

Beyond Limits Learning offers a new framework for learning and education design, based a unique, philosophical and ontological understanding of the nature of "learning" itself.

A little less about the facilitator, and a little bit more about the experience and outcomes of the learning process, this session will offer participants the opportunity to experience learning through the cycle of Awareness, Attention, Application and Action, and to strengthen their grasp of the "deep things" they "always knew", in this first ever test run of the BLL framework.

Chanah Wainer is a passionate educator who began her career as a high-school teacher. Quickly realising her keen interest in Learning Sciences, she began orientating her career towards teacher-education. Chanah now works casually in a liaison role at UNSW while establishing her own consultancy, and recently submitted her Doctoral application to study complex, integrated learning for initial teacher education. As a yogi of almost 20 years, Chanah has maintained a potent determination to leave this world better than she found it. Developing the Beyond Limits Learning framework, which offers learners the potential to beyond the conceptual separations of "knowing" and "doing", of "thinking" and "feeling", is just one of the many ways in which Chanah uses her creative energy, and intention, to serve society and, indeed, humanity. 

 See you on Zoom on Monday night!!

17 March 2021

Your self awareness as a facilitator - with Andrea Jones ZOOM SESSION on April 12 at 5.30pm

This session will look at ways to enhance the wisdom within you, by understanding more deeply your responses and reactions whilst facilitating groups. Having an awareness of your triggers and unconscious responses is a first step in your emotional resilience and self care as a group facilitator. This session will introduce you to the Groupwork Centre’s model of self-awareness ‘The Community of Selves’, creating a space for you to explore and play. We will explore and share methods and tools for building empathy for the ‘other’, exploring trade-offs and building consensus in meetings and workshops in-person and online. Venue: Zoom: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/85095315092 Time: Zoom room opens at 5.15 pm. Session begins at 5:30 pm SHARP
About Andrea Andrea Jones is passionate about effective communication and the creation of a collaborative space for the wisdom of individuals and groups to be shared. As a facilitator at Groupwork Centre, Andrea focuses on assisting groups and individuals to effectively work together, to have courageous conversations, to deal with conflict and to work through processes to help create authentic, resilient and successful organisations. The Groupwork Centre is a values-based organisation that harnesses the wisdom and experience of individuals and work teams. Our work is founded on principles of self-awareness and compassion, designed to give individuals and groups the skills and processes to achieve their goals. We use simple processes that are unique, highly accessible and thoroughly road-tested. We’ve been tailoring them to help our clients since 1984.

19 February 2021

NIne Things You Need to Know - with Ian Colley (at UTS on March 8th)

Your meeting is coming up. Your purpose is clear, and the people who need to be there are coming. You have settled on an overall structure for the event such as world cafĂ©, solutions focus, or design thinking. Then you think – what can I do to make this event as engaging as possible? There are nine things I think about process design to make the experience as rich as possible. I’d be very interested in the tenth thing, if you care to offer it, on our next Monday night together. In the past decade I have been teaching facilitation skills to other professionals. The course has grown out of thirty years of experience as a facilitator – building on successes but mostly learning from things that have gone wrong. And I’ve borrowed heaps (stolen?) from great practices and practitioners I have experienced. I wrote the facilitation course for IAP2 Australasia and have also just finished a book on the craft of facilitation ‘Dancing with the Beast’ reflecting on these thirty years of experience doing and teaching facilitation. This session reviews some gems from this experience.

20 January 2021

Brave conversations in the face of climate change: with Tania Leimbach| SFN 8 February | 5:30PM

Ideas to support brave conversations, emotional resilience and action in the face of climate change - with Tania Leimbach Many people find it difficult to discuss climate change. It can feel awkward to raise the subject at work, around the dinner table or at the pub.  Australian society is still avoiding registering the long-term implications. The “climate narrative wars” have created a kind of paralysis in recent years. This session is based on the understanding - eloquently expressed by Dr Rebecca Huntley - that we need thousands of everyday conversations about the climate to enlarge the ranks of the concerned, engage the disengaged and persuade the cautious of the need for action. There has been an explosion of work on climate change communication. If you want to be a more empowered and successful communicator, there are ways to  apply sound communication principles in your life, drawing on the wealth of knowledge emerging in environmental psychology. Each of us can do this in a way that is authentic and in line with our own values.  Live and Face to face at UTS!!! Venue: Face to Face Building 10, Level  5, CB10.05.580. Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

2 November 2020

Getting together for a chat about facilitation | Mon 9 November | 5:00PM

This is an open session, for attendees to bring along thoughts, stories, questions, advice and generous ears.  No specific topic, apart from a light touch focus on the joys and risks of life as a facilitator. The session will be led by Carli Leimbach and other members of the SFN coordinating group.  Come and chat with other facilitators about what is happening for you, share stories and advice. Venue: Zoom Click Here https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/94359163308 Time: The Zoom room opens at 4.45pm. Session begins at 5:00pm SHARP

12 October 2020

InterPlay - Times are urgent. Slow Down with Maryla Rose | Mon 12 October | 5:00PM


Play is a deceptively simple yet powerfully transformative activity. It happens in an atmosphere of high appreciation and low expectation, where time slows down by the virtue of being present in our bodies and present to each other. In this new found spaciousness—stress and our conditioned reactivity is held and we can be open, curious and playful. In essence we can be truly creative and experience ourselves as storytellers, dancers and poets—creators, not just consumers of art. 

In playing together with what is given we open to meet the urgency and uncertainty of our times in a new way.  We pause, breathe, not-know and respond from what is present. We create future, rather than just repeating the past.

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About Maryla Rose

Maryla is a poet InterPlay facilitator and a relationship counsellor. Her passion is contributing through play to the magic that happens when a seemingly disparate group of people feel a sense of community - where creativity flourishes. 

Explore more about InterPlay at 



Venue: Zoom: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/94359163308

Time: Zoom room opens at 4.45pm. Session begins at 5:00pm SHARP

Contact: www.facilitatorsnetwork.blogspot.com
Eoin Higgins  eoin.p.higgins@gmail.com : 0407 411 684

7 September 2020

'The Golden Middle' - facilitating for consensus with Scott Newton | Mon September 14 | 5:00pm (Zoom opens at 4.45pm)


How do we view compromise? Is it a disappointing result? A loss? A failure of conviction or commitment to our position? Or something else?
The Polish concept of ‘compromise’ roughly translates to “the golden middle”. What if, in today’s world of polarisation and tribalism, we embraced conflicting views and used them to shape a considered, compromised solution to shared problems?

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In this session, we will explore and share methods and tools for building empathy for the ‘other’, exploring trade-offs and building consensus in meetings and workshops in-person and online.