16 May 2022

SFN June 20. Carol Vale. Supporting the Uluru Statement of the Heart

Session on Zoom 

ZOOM Link: https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/84995805410

Session aim - for SFN members to leave the session knowing the ways they can be proactive actors so the Statement from the Heart becomes a reality 

Where are we now? 
Overview of the Statement from the heart and the process for developing it 

How did we get here? 

  • Links to the 1967 referendum, Reconciliation decade and the treaty work happening in most states 
  • Understanding the priority of what indigenous people are saying (Carol, did I get your comment right?) 
  • Knocking down the myths about a Voice to Parliament & Makarrata
  • Why is it essential for non-Aboriginal people to do this work? 
  • What are the appropriate, proactive steps for non-Aboriginal people to take  
Practice piece 
You will need to be confident and courageous to step into this space
What will help you stand in the fire and have courageous conversations in support of the Statement? 

About Carol Vale

Carol Vale is a Dunghutti woman from Armidale, NSW and Chief Executive Office of Murawin.  She is a professional facilitator, social researcher, and policy analyst with expertise in Aboriginal issues, public policy, and stakeholder engagement. She has been a senior officer in the NSW and QLD Governments, spanning a career over 35 years across Aboriginal Affairs including housing, education, child safety, justice and intergovernmental relations. In her work, Carol’s draws on her lived experience - her history and culture. Carol was raised on an Aboriginal Mission in northern NSW, where she lived with her extended family and continues to maintain strong connections to her community and Country of origin.

8 March 2022

Explore a new Team Tool with Allan Ryan - Hargraves Institute

Explore and experience a new product and business model to add to your facilitator toolkit  |   SFN Zoom session |  Monday March 14th  at  5.30pm

Zoom session:   


This session covers how Collaborizza delivers value for your clients, your business and the explore the product in detail.

  1. Learn how your clients will benefit from a Collaborizza, a team-building workshop that builds team cohesion and collaboration for improved everyday performance.
  2. Explore the financial and operational benefits for your business, where Collaborizza provides a time saving, flexible and unique approach that requires little preparation no technology support and becomes a valuable addition to your client offering.
  3. Get hands-on and participate using Hargraves Collaboration Canvas with visual metaphor cards to experience a taste of Collaborizza activities.

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13 December 2021

Wild Card Night Tonight

 To celebrate (and let go) of 2021, SFN is hosting a wild card night on zoom.  

Monday 13 December at 5:30pm (join earlier to test your AV equipment and chat with colleagues)

For our last session in 2021, come along to reflect on the year and celebrate the SFN community. It's a wild card night! We will invite colleagues to offer and run a short piece highlighting some aspect of facilitation practice. Some with a focus on online engagement.  Bring a glass of champagne to share with your zoom colleagues. 

Session on Zoom 


Come along with or without an offer - to host a short activity and share some ideas and skills. 

Join the party.

SFN sessions coming soon  in 2022

February - Sandy Killick on Adam Kahane's "Facilitating Breakthrough"
March -  Rollo Browne  |  Exploring our Theories of Change 
April  - Walking at Uluruu - facilitators' connecting to the 'Statement from the Heart'
May - Elyssebeth Leigh on Cynefin and Complexity

19 October 2021

Facilitation Degustation: A taste of facilitation across NSW Health | SFN Zoom session | Monday November 8 at 5.30pm

NSW Health is the largest employer in the Southern Hemisphere. It is comprised of many diverse organisations, yet the ultimate outcome is the same: a positive patient experience. This session will explore how facilitation is used to achieve this outcome.

with Gene Johnson, Nicky Baker, Lily Pho, 
Claudia Green and Annie Fleming

On Zoom at 5.30pm  November 8, 2021


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16 September 2021

Observe - Action - Pattern! Understanding facilitation through design patterns | SFN Zoom session | Monday October 11 at 5.30pm

 Zoom session at     https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/85190411826

Patterns are everywhere. They can be formed by a set of lines, shapes, or colours. They can be repeated movements or sounds, or a series of actions. Research shows that human brains detect patterns in their environment all the time because it makes learning easier. This is called probabilistic learning. 

This session will invite you to explore design patterns as a way to make sense of facilitation as a practice. Inspired by the work of Christopher Alexander in architecture and Peter Goodyear in networked learning, Dewa and Sandris will discuss thenotion of design patterns and how it can be applied as a mindset to understand facilitation and share practical knowledge. This will be a hands-on session supported by research, so join us to better understand your work through a pattern language.

Dr Dewa Wardak and Dr Sandris Zeivots are Lecturers in Educational Development with the Business Co-Design team at the University of Sydney Business School.

Dewa is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and has a background in Learning Sciences and Technologies. She is interested in educational design for multimodal learning. With a keen interest in networked learning, she investigates how technological tools facilitate learning and teaching in higher education. She is currently teaching a unit ‘Action Research in Business’ and continues mentoring women from minority backgrounds to attain higher education qualifications. 

 Sandris investigates how to design and implement innovative learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful and purposeful. With a professional background in experiential learning, Sandris explores how to design impactful events to strategically improve the experiences of learners through experiential education, emotional engagement and learning spaces.

20 August 2021

The Power of Play - with Dimitrios Papalexis September 13 5.30pm on zoom


This session will cover the value of introducing more play and spontaneity when it comes to facilitating and hosting. How can we can get business done while also focusing on building relationships, being creative, having fun and sharing our gifts especially during times of lockdown and isolation.

Monday 13 September at 5:30pm on Zoom (but come along at 5.15 if you want to test your connection)

The session will provide a safe and playful space for participants to embark on an exploration of storytelling, relationship building and creative activities that will hopefully inspire them to introduce more play and blend different creative tools and approaches in their facilitation, fostering spaces of deep connection, co-learning and transformation.

Dimitrios Papalexis is a consultant, creative facilitator, space holder and storyteller. He is the founder of Soulgen, a social enterprise that collaborates with young people, diverse communities, organisations and councils for bottom up social change and impact. Dimitrios is also a published author and he hosts his own podcast show: The PoWEr of CommUNITY. Having lived in 3 different countries and speaking 4 languages, he is part of many diverse communities and ecosystems; an avid learner with a passion to create safe and energizing spaces of deep sharing, co-learning and transformation. 

To learn more about his work visit:    http://www.soul-gen.com.au/

23 July 2021

Change Management is Dead - with Allison Tsao August 9th

Change management tools and methodologies rely on change being predictable and linear. However, anyone who has been part of a change initiative knows that change is anything but predictable. Rather, most organisations who pursue change are actually pursing transformational change - a type of change that fundamentally challenges the identity and values of the organisation.
Facilitating and sustaining this type of change takes a completely different mindset and set of skills. Join us for this session to learn about what it takes to facilitate truly successful change and what alternative model, tools and practices facilitators could instead be leveraging when facilitating transformational change. Allison started her career as a management consultant at Deloitte and Accenture in New York City. After moving to Sydney in 2014 and obtaining her masters in Organisation Development, she began to notice the sublet shifts between change management and transformational change and how most organisations who wanted change were going about it in a counter productive way. 

Allison has been working in Transformational Change for over 15 years. Her experience with over 30 organisations globally and frequent conversations with other change practitioners in the industry have led her to declare that "change management is dead!" Instead, we should be focusing on healthier, more energising, and more sustainable ways to facilitate change. One that honours the whole person and an individual's desire to make meaning of change and have agency in the process. SFN members will remember Allison from her marvellous session in March 2020 on Facilitating HIgh Performing Teams in the Age of Complexity