16 May 2009

Monday 15th June, 2009 - Wildcard – Short Processes and Energisers

Monday 15th June, 2009 “Wildcard – Short Processes and Energisers”

This is a joint meeting with the Games and Simulations Network (GSN).
At a “Wildcard” meeting, volunteer facilitators step-up to run a short session of between 5 and 20 minutes. All wildcard entries are taken on the night. Sessions are not scheduled in advance.
Typical processes suitable for the “Wildcard” include ice breakers, opening and closing rituals, energisers, thought provokers, experiential activities, games, simulations - anything at all that can be done in 20 minutes or less.
“Wildcard” is for everyone from beginners to the highly experienced and of course those in between.
“Wildcard” is fun – anything can happen when volunteer guest facilitators come forward.
The aim is to run and debrief as many short sessions as possible in the time available. Please be on time.