2 August 2008

August 08 - Nonviolent Communication in Business

Monday 11th AUGUST, 2008 “Nonviolent Communication in Business”
You are warmly invited to our next meeting on Monday 11th AUGUST, 2008
Topic: Nonviolent Communications in Business with Shari Macree
The words we use are powerful. They can support a culture of teamwork, connection and trust… or create hostility, submission, guilt and fear.
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Dr Marshall Rosenberg is a way of communicating which is transforming workplaces the world over. It is also being used by world leading coaches and trainers to support the high performance in their clients.
Nonviolent Communication is a simple but profound tool which simultaneously shifts our individual and collective patterns of thought and the way we communicate with each other to supports a culture of willingness. It naturally stimulates generative thinking to take individual and team performance to whole new levels.
By learning 4 simple steps you can see beyond previous ways of viewing problems - including “challenging” staff and customers - and instead transform these issues into new opportunities. Performance, trust and emotional intelligence is built in your teams.
In this experiential session you will experience the shift NVC can make in your organisation and with your clients.
Shari Macree is an inspirational business woman and highly skilled facilitator. An internationally certified Nonviolent Communications trainer, Shari is known for her perceptive, challenging and inspirational style. Shari works widely with business managers, owners, organizational teams, schools and women in business. www.fullyalive.com.au