8 May 2012

Behind the ‘Seens’ - Facilitating Fixed Positions with Kingsley Nowell | Monday May 14, 5.30PM

Behind the ‘Seens’.
Creating healthy space for people to share thoughts and feelings around issues that create fixed positions
Facilitators know that not all that is happening in a group is obvious. Thoughts and feelings lurk behind the visible and audible activity – particularly when the issue is potentially divisive and what is seen and heard is coming from sometimes aggressive, fixed positions.
Using the controversy that exists around volatile topics, this highly interactive and practical session will explore the design of space and conversation styles for stimulating and sustaining contributions of participants with diverse and strongly held viewpoints. It is designed for anyone wanting to gain a clearer understanding of practical things that can be done to design a container for healthy, inclusive conversation around controversial issues.
About Kingsley Nowell
The facilitator will be Kingsley Nowell, regular participant in the SFN. He has had a lifetime of involvement in The Salvation Army including 28 years as an officer which highlighted the human need for new ways to work together. For 11 years he has been an internal facilitator where his focus has been the world of facilitation and its implications for faith communities and beyond. He lives in the ‘squircle’ - that ambiguous space between a square and a circle – his metaphor for the challenge of introducing change to a highly structured, familiar, valued entity.

Venue: [Our usual venue]
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Jones Street, Ultimo corner Thomas Street.
Room 5.580 Level 5, Building 10, Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium footbridge, walk straight ahead to room 580.
Social: For those willing to continue the networking and conversation afterwards we recommend the nearby, very economical Pho Mumum Vietnamese Restaurant, No 16 Broadway, Chippendale (Opposite UTS Big Ugly Tower)
From 5:30pm to 7:30pm sharp | No RSVP - Just turn up
Enquiries | Greg Jenkins greg@tincanlearning.com | 0418 486 501