3 April 2008

April 08 - 2020 Summit Proposal

Facilitators Network Extraordinary Meeting Australia 2020 Monday 7th April

Facilitators Network 2020 Summit Submission
Extraordinary Meeting Monday 7th April, 2008
[Our scheduled fantastic meeting on April 14 is still on at our usual venue]
Our approximately 800 members have enormous experience and know-how which means that whilst we may not be invited personally to the 2020 table, we are well placed to influence those who have been invited and therefore contribute to the future of our nation.
With such variety and experience we propose that we put a group submission on behalf of the Facilitators Network (Est 1992) on each of the 10 summit topics (or as many as practical depending on who and how many turn up). Submissions to the 2020 summit will be accepted up to April 9.
Anyone can do an individual submission. However, as facilitators we have the processes to ensure that our submission emerges from the collective wisdom of our group.
Please come, bring friends and associates and be part of this once in a generation opportunity.

2 April 2008

April 08 - Smile Hunting Relieves Stress

Monday 14th April 2008 “Smile Hunting Relieves Stress”

You are warmly invited to attend our next regular meeting on Monday 14th April
Monday 14th April 2008 “Smile Hunting Relieves Stress” with Rada Millwood
Smile hunting relieves stress! This was the intriguing title describing results of recent research about the benefits of positive experiences. (The New Scientist 3/11/2007).
With increasing abundance, scientific research is confirming that positive actions such as smiling and laughing activate physiological processes that facilitate emotional balance and physical well-being.
Even without scientific validation, we know from our own personal experience that laughter clears the air, hurdles obstacles, makes roadblocks ridiculous, unplugs free association and lets our creativity loose. If we can laugh, we can think and perform at our best.
Smiling and laughter facilitate the conditions for enabling thinking, creativity and learning. More often than not, these simple human behaviours are often absent from our workplaces and daily life.
In this session Rada will draw on materials she presented to delegates at the 13th International Conference on Thinking held in Norrkoping, Sweden on 17–21 June 2007 so that you can participate in lots of smiling, laughing and having fun. You will be reminded of the lightness of spirit generated by full-bodied laughter exercise.
Rada Millwood’s diverse consulting and corporate development background is characterised by her long-standing interest in change, how people learn and how to enhance human potential.