2 November 2008

November 08 - The Business of Facilitation

Monday 10th NOVEMBER, 2008 “The Business of Facilitation”

You are warmly invited to our next meeting on Monday 10th NOVEMBER, 2008
The global economic meltdown will have an impact on all of us. Some experts say that it’s a one in 75 year event. Others say that the downturn will last 4-5 years or more.
In this session we will take time out to reflect on the ‘Business of Facilitation’ including how we as facilitators can contribute to our client’s survival. We will also explore ways sustain each other and grow our practices these difficult times.
This topic is as important to independent and employed facilitators (full-time or infrequent) as well as those who hire facilitators.
Please bring your topic ideas to the meeting. Here are some possible topics:
Helping our clients (internal and external)
• How can we as facilitators help our clients through this current economic crisis? Do we have a special role?
• How can those hiring facilitators know what they are getting? How can the customer experience be measured? How can we give clients a taster of our work?
Developing our practice/business
• What do we need to do as facilitators (employed or independent) to sustain our practice and survive the crisis?
• How can we as facilitators grow our practice including selling ongoing involvement to clients after a facilitated event?