1 September 2009

Monday September 14, 2009 | ‘Spirituality at Work’ with Claire Jankelson

Our September Facilitators Network meeting will deal with that elusive topic ‘spirituality at work’. David Tacey defines spirituality as receptivity to mystery, a sense that there’s more to reality than meets the eye. Benedictine monk and psychologist Steindl Rast characterises spiritual experience as moments of heightened aliveness and actually, common sense (!!).

Is any of this useful in our daily interactions with business?

And how relevant is the topic now, to the world of organizations and consulting?

This session will offer the opportunity to explore the potential value of spirituality for us as practitioners.

Claire Jankelson will facilitate a process that builds a picture of how the group itself makes sense of 'spirituality at work'. We'll consider the implications of the group's understanding, for taking action.

Claire is coordinator for February 2010 Spirituality Leadership and Management conference. www.slamconference.org.au Claire’s web site is www.confluential-leadership.com