28 September 2012

‘Demystifying Strategy – for Facilitators’ with Greg Jenkins | Monday October 8, 2012

Meeting No 229 | Monday October 8, 2012 | 5.30pm

Temporary Room Change OCTOBER 2012 ONLY (CB02.06.44)
UTS Building 2 | http://lostoncampus.com.au/152
Level 6, Room 44
Cnr. Broadway and Jones St.
Enter from Broadway via the Big UTS Tower
‘Demystifying Strategy – for Facilitators’ with Greg Jenkins

Understanding strategy is critical for facilitators. Yet the language and concepts of strategy are largely misunderstood not only by facilitators but consultants and almost everyone else.
Regardless of your experience, this session will help demystify strategy broadly covering:

·       What do the commonly used strategic terms really mean? Are they appropriate?
·       What tools are available for developing strategy? Do they work?
·       What’s the difference between a ‘strategic plan’ and ‘implementation planning’? Why is the distinction important?
·       Is a facilitated workshop an appropriate vehicle for strategic planning? What are the alternatives?
·       What’s in it for facilitators?

Greg Jenkins
Greg is coordinator of Sydney Facilitators Network and a practicing Change Agent with more than a decade of experience in both the business and community sectors.
Greg believes that more than 90% of strategic plans of any variety never get implemented. This offers a once in a generation opportunity for facilitators to be an integral part of the solution.
Greg is hosting ‘Strategy Boot Camp’ intensives in Sydney on November 9 and in Melbourne on November 14.
The Strategy Boot Camp is Part I Trinity of the ‘Change Agent Trinity’ [Strategy, Change, Leadership].
The Change Agent Development Program starts via e-Learning in February 2013.

Venue:  Temporary Room Change October 2012 Only
UTS Building 2 http://lostoncampus.com.au/152| Level 6 Room 44
Enter from Broadway via the big UTS tower.

Social: For those willing to continue the networking and conversation afterwards we recommend the nearby, very economical Pho Mumum Vietnamese Restaurant, No 16 Broadway, Chippendale (Opposite UTS Big Tower)

From 5:30pm to 7:30pm | No RSVP - Just turn up

Enquiries | Greg Jenkins greg@tincanlearning.com | 0418 486 501