6 October 2009

Monday October 12, 2009 | Action Methods in Facilitation: Making Meaning Tangible with Rollo Browne

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As facilitators, our use of language is a foundation skill. But, by itself, language creates as many misunderstandings as it does possibilities. A way of cutting through confusion is to use action. If we ‘show rather than tell’ and create concrete images of what is meant then group members can

  • actually see what others mean rather than relying mainly on words
  • enter more fully into each other’s worlds
  • engage with each other on substantive issues and
  • develop a fresh perspective.

Action methods involve thought, feeling and movement, and require us to work in the here-and-now and with whatever emerges.

This session is based on the philosophy and methodology of Dr J L Moreno, the founder of psychodrama, and particularly his Spontaneity Theory of Learning.

Rollo Browne has used action methods in his work in team development, conference facilitation, exec coaching and organisational culture for the last 15 years. He applies Moreno’s philosophy and methods to groupwork, organisational and community dynamics and in one to one work. He is Director of Training at Psychodrama NSW and is Convenor of the forthcoming Psychodrama Conference in Sydney, 21-25 January 2010, see www.anzpa.org/conference/2010. He runs a regular free Psychodrama Open Night on the first Friday of every month, see www.anzpasydney.org.