2 December 2007

Facilitators Network - 2005, 2006, 2007

Feb 14 Greg Jenkins - Host wildcard
March Greg Jenkins - Host wildcard
April Sharon McGann Facilitating Decision making
May 9
June Carla Rogers ‘i’ Forum
July 11 Claire Jankelson Dialogue
Aug Robert Perey OST, social responsibility
Sep Tim McCarthy Alignment of values in agreement making
Oct Karynne Courts "bringing out the signature stories from our lives to use as a metaphor for the message of our facilitation work"
Nov Sue Stuart-Dent and Ian Ralston EQ
Dec Ken Hudson Creativity

Feb Greg Jenkins - Host wildcard
March Noel Winterburn 3rd Place
April Robert Perey Joint meeting with SOL Games network
Innovation Diffusion Game
May Greg Jenkins The Business of Facilitation World Cafe
June Claire Jankelson Strategic Questioning
July Ralph Kerle Arts Based Facilitation
Aug Kate Scholl Journaling
Sep Matthew Moore Joint meeting with NSW-KM
Facilitating Corporate memory
Oct Noel Winterburn Listening for Meaning
Oct Larry Peterson Open Space, with Open Space Institute
Nov Greg Jenkins Wildcard
Dec Storytelling Christine Carlton

Feb Greg Jenkins Pain Cafe
March Andrew Rixon Archetypes
April 16 Janine and Elizabeth Cahill Joint meeting with SOL Games network
May 14 Ralph Kerle Clay modeling
June 18 Claire Jankelson Leadership and the will
July 9 Suzanne Rix Meditation for Skeptics
Aug 13 Elyssebeth Leigh "Teaching - no talking"
Sep 10 Denis McNamara Ritual
Oct 8 Betty Sheppard Drawing on Music
Nov 12 Sharon McGann Facilitator Competencies Fish Bowl
Dec 10 Andrew Gaines " Creative Conversations"