4 August 2011

"What Makes People Happy at Work” - the link between happiness and performance with Jackie Smith | Monday August 8, 2011 | 5.30pm

Happiness is on the global agenda but until recently hasn’t been discussed on the employer agenda. In this context happiness is more than motivation and engagement. In the Science of Happiness at Work we have identified a direct correlation between happiness and productivity.

Join an interactive, thought-provoking discussion. Come and experience the model which when applied, makes a difference to how people feel and how they perform. We will explore the following themes:

· What do we mean by happiness in a work context

· How do we measure productivity? How can we encourage motivation/alignment/confidence/contribution?

· What are the elements in the model which identifies all the elements of happiness linking to performance?

· How does the model inform your experience in organisations?

· What does the model tell you about your happiness at work?

This session will also be useful for Senior Leaders, Change Facilitators, Consultants, Coaches, OD Managers, L&D Managers and HR Managers.

Jackie Smith has been working with Jess Pryce Jones, the author of Happiness at Work, since its publication two years ago, accrediting people to raise awareness and use the tools of this leading edge research. She worked for 7 years in TAFE NSW as a Counselling Psychologist before re-locating to the UK. Since then she has worked internationally in consulting, facilitation and executive coaching for the last 16 years for companies such as PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Wiley, Compaq, Black & Decker to name just a few. She was owner director of an international development and coaching company for 5 years and now works freelance, preferring to do transformational work with clients than build businesses. She co-authored a book on Personal Impact: what it takes to make a difference in 2008 and has written numerous articles.

In addition to working in-house with clients, Jackie is in Sydney from 1 - 20 August 2011 facilitating a 1-day public program in mid August 2011 on H@W, counting towards accreditation, as well as one on Strategic Influencing. She regularly comes to Australia.

If you are curious about the topic, the research and the tools, check out: http://www.iopenerinstitute.com/

Venue: [Our usual venue]

University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Jones Street, Ultimo corner Thomas Street.

Room 5.580 Level 5, Building 10, Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium footbridge, walk straight ahead to room 580.


From 5:30pm to 7:30pm sharp | No RSVP - Just turn up

Emergency contact Greg Jenkins m: 0418 486 501 e: greg@changeagent.com.au