19 February 2021

NIne Things You Need to Know - with Ian Colley (at UTS on March 8th)

Your meeting is coming up. Your purpose is clear, and the people who need to be there are coming. You have settled on an overall structure for the event such as world cafĂ©, solutions focus, or design thinking. Then you think – what can I do to make this event as engaging as possible? There are nine things I think about process design to make the experience as rich as possible. I’d be very interested in the tenth thing, if you care to offer it, on our next Monday night together. In the past decade I have been teaching facilitation skills to other professionals. The course has grown out of thirty years of experience as a facilitator – building on successes but mostly learning from things that have gone wrong. And I’ve borrowed heaps (stolen?) from great practices and practitioners I have experienced. I wrote the facilitation course for IAP2 Australasia and have also just finished a book on the craft of facilitation ‘Dancing with the Beast’ reflecting on these thirty years of experience doing and teaching facilitation. This session reviews some gems from this experience.