29 January 2024

Monday February 12 5.30pm (AEDT) zoom session: Unearthing Buried Mindsets - with Bob Dick


Zoom Session. 5.30pm (AEDT) on Monday February 12 at

Why do some attempts to improve a situation actually worsen it?  Stressed or embarrassed, we become blind to our poor behaviour.  Older parts of our brain take over our actions.  Daniel Goleman called it the amygdala hijack.  It is relevant to our ability as facilitators to deal with difficulty.  It also assists us to help our participants.  We are less blind to other's behaviour.  The SFN session will therefore at first explore the topic using a case study.  We can then develop it further to learn how to remedy our own blindness.

About Bob Dick

Bob Dick is an independent scholar, an occasional academic, a researcher and practitioner and facilitator, and a coach, mentor and advisor.  He works in the fields of community and organisational change.  In his facilitation work he uses action research and action learning.  These approaches enable him to integrate his practice with available evidence and models.  His aim is to help people, communities and organisations (and himself) to understand and improve their functioning.

Here are some documents posted by Bob after the session 

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3 December 2023

December Wild Card - Face to face at UTS on December 11 at 5.30pm


Monday 11 December 2023 l 5:30PM.   
Face to Face: 
UTS Building 10, Lvl 5, CB10.05.580.

For our last session in 2023, come along to reflect on the year and celebrate the SFN community. It's a wild card night! We will invite colleagues to offer and run a short piece highlighting some aspect of facilitation practice. 

More information here

If all goes well we will go for dinner afterwards. 

9 October 2023

SFN October 9: Reinventing collaboration in the post pandemic era


Face to face session with Greg Jenkins

at UTS Monday October 9 at 5.30pm

Venue: University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Building 10 (cnr Jones & Thomas St), Level 5, Room 5.580
Take the lift to level 5, cross the atrium footbridge, walk straight ahead to room 580 on your right.

Time: From 5:30pm to 7:30pm | No RSVP - Just turn up | Donation $5

Collaboration means to work jointly with others or together. More recently the term has been broadened and co-opted by software, App and AI developers to enable aids to enable some fantastic tools for all of us to use.

The Covid Pandemic facilitated the age of hybrid work and learning where emphasis has shifted from face-to-face participation to a mix of human to human, human to machine or a mix of humans and machines. The change has happened so quickly that the practices and protocols haven’t caught up with the juggernaut.

In this session we have the opportunity to explore what’s happening in our own game, share what’s working and what’s not, explore how we as facilitators might through collaboration at a point in time be part of the change in a more powerful way. 

About Greg:

Greg is an independent change agent and facilitator with more than 25 years’ experience. He works in Defence, business, government, education and community sectors specializing in collaboration, culture and leadership. 

He has been involved with SFN from the very early days of the network. He is a regular guest facilitator.

His first session in 2003 was on ‘The World CafĂ©’. Greg has contributed 7 previous sessions on his special interest -the topic of collaboration. This is a further evolution of his ideas on collaboration based on his experience in high stakes, high value projects in the post pandemic world.

26 September 2023

Supporting The Voice - addressing the 'undecided'

As we move into the final stage of the referendum, a pattern is emerging - there is a group of undecided voters who are genuinely trying to understand all the sides of the referendum debate. They don't want to vote 'yes' for something they don't understand but don't want to be labelled racist for considering a 'no' vote. It is a very uncomfortable feeling being pulled in different directions and many undecided voters are trying to find a fair path to follow. 


Between now and October 14, SFN Committee encourages network members to look for opportunities to listen deeply to undecided voters. There might be some undecided voters in your family, friends or workplace. As facilitators we know the power of one-to-one conversations in helping people find clarity and reflect on their values.    


False information is being deliberately and covertly spread in order to obscure the actual claims in the referendum question and negatively influence public opinion. This fear-based messaging is exploiting voters with migrant backgrounds, making them feel uncomfortable and stressed. Some migrated to Australia to live in a country with higher democratic standards and avoid such exploitation. 


Disinformation is giving voters a negative experience of a referendum which is significant feature of Australian democracy. We all have a responsibility not to share disinformation or misinformation. We can call it out when others mention they are relying on it or being influenced by it. 

Call to action: consider what role can you take between now and October 14 to help voters be well informed and connected to trustworthy information like voice.org.au, ABC and SBS.

4 September 2023

Technology and the Future of Facilitation - Follow Up from the September 12 session



Follow up from this session 

The slides are at this link

Here is a link to an edited version of the SchellingPoint slide deck used in last week’s workshop on How AI and digital technologies can help facilitators in the years to come. 

Both Michael Taylor and Marek Lis would welcome continuing the dialogue with anyone interested.


Here is Michael’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-taylor-635223


Here’s is Marek’s: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alchemyinsights


Technology and the future of facilitation |  SFN Special Zoom morning session |  Tuesday September 12th from 8am-10am (AEST)

with Schelling Point

7 August 2023

Reframing Burnout SFN Monday August 14 at 5.20pm

How to reach ambitious goals without compromising on the pace or burning out

In the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world, burnout has emerged as a pervasive concern, affecting individuals in various occupations and career stages. Despite numerous initiatives and programs in place, the alarming rise in burnout cases begs a critical question: Where are we going wrong?

Face to face session with Dr fLorence Cotel

Monday 14 August 2023 l 5:30PM.   

Face to Face: UTS Building 10, Lvl 5, CB10.05.580.


Enter fLorence, a captivating speaker who seeks to revolutionize our understanding of burnout. In this thought-provoking talk, fLorence presents a fresh perspective on the syndrome and, most importantly, introduces a novel approach to burnout prevention. The mantra is simple yet profound: Not working less; working better, achieving more.


Join us for an engaging session as fLorence challenges conventional notions, sparks a paradigm shift, and inspires us to become drivers of a brighter, more sustainable future.

About the speaker
Dr fLorence Cotel is a neuroscientist, burnout expert, non-profit founder & leader, endurance athlete and inspirational speaker.Building on 20+ years of experience in public speaking in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, she debunks myths about burnout and offers a fresh approach to enable both organisations and individuals to reach ambitious goals without burning out or compromising on the pace! 

And Dont forget the special September morning session on Technology and the Future. Last chance to register on August 7, 2023

Register HERE 

24 July 2023

Technology and the Future of Facilitation - Special Morning Zoom Session September 12 (8am-20am)


Technology and the future of facilitation |  SFN Special Zoom morning session |  Tuesday September 12th from 8am-10am (AEST)

with Schelling Point

On Zoom 

Here is the link


If you havent registered for the session, feel free to come along and witness how the process unfolds. 

Dear SFN colleagues,
Following recent conversations about the future of facilitation, I was curious about how emerging technologies might affect our work in the coming years.   So, I went looking for an opportunity to get some first-hand experience with leading-edge approaches and try these out with the SFN community.
I stumbled upon on SchellingPoint, a Philadelphia-based company with experience using augmented intelligence, data science, and other collaboration software to support its facilitation activities. The software assists the facilitator with the things humans can’t do well repeatedly. They kindly accepted our invitation to showcase the approach with the SFN community.  There were some pre-session activities for this session, which many of you completed. Those who didnt register, are still welcome to come along and witness the program. 

The event will be different from our usual SFN monthly sessions. SchellingPoint has offered to conduct a ‘live’ Strategic Collaboration with some pre-session activities which many of us have now completed. 

The topic for the dialogue will be something around Technology and the Future of Facilitation. So hopefully the process will match the purpose. 

SchellingPoint’s CEO Michael Taylor and their Sydney partner Marek Lis will provide case studies and answer questions.

Through this exercise, we hope to get a better understanding of how technologies are being applied to the deeply human aspects of our work. I haven’t experienced the Shelling Point platform yet, so we will all be joining as novices in this exercise.
I look forward to walking along with you on this exploratory journey.
Kind Regards,
Ian Colley

SFN convening group

About Schelling Point

We researched and developed the strategic collaboration technology and techniques through over 400 projects, from Fortune 50 corporate strategies, global coalitions, and government policy development, to early-stage ventures, process improvement, and product innovation, to mergers, outsourcing contracts, and infectious disease strategies. 

Our solutions are based upon the work of Nobel Prize recipient Prof. Thomas Schelling, Harvard professor Chris Argyris, and our work in Relational Network Analysis. In recent years we have taught the derived principles, concepts, and methods at leading business schools.

SchellingPoint is how we make them available to those needing to create new outcomes through coordinated action.

About the presenters

Photo of Michael

Michael Taylor is a SchellingPoint principal and co-founder.  Michael holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, and Economics from the University of Warwick, England, and has guest lectured on Managerial Decision-making, Consulting on Complex Problems and New Methods in Consulting at  Cornell, Duke, Penn, SMU, Warwick, and Wharton.

Michael led the process for Andersen Consulting (Accenture)’s first software patent, an AI expert system, in 1992. Michael has been using AI at SchellingPoint since 2014.

Photo of Marek

Marek Lis is a Collaboration Architect dividing his work between Sydney and New York. Marek specializes in using the SchellingPoint platform to get groups of people heading in one direction.Marek spent many years in the advertising industry where he honed his skills in mediating highly subjective opinions of strong-willed people. And he has the scars to prove it.

After spending the last 25 years in New York where he grew increasingly frustrated in not finding a decent flat white, he and his wife moved back to Sydney late last year. Now he can enjoy client meetings over decent coffee.